The Importance of a Fire Escape Plan

Do You Have a Fire Escape Plan?

A family fire escape plan should be established and executed periodically. You might be thinking how difficult is fire to encounter that you would a fire escape procedure? Shouldn’t you just leave the house and get as far away from the dangerous flames as possible? Well, in all honestly, there is much more involved then meets the eye, and a fire escape plan should be a high priority for you.

It’s Not Always Possible to Walk Away

First of all, if a full blown fire occurs in your house, you simply cannot “walk” out of the house. The temperature of the flames will not permit you to walk in an upright position. In addition, there is no breathable air at the higher levels of your home during a fire. Crawling out of your house is the only possible option. Also, keep in mind that you will not be able to see anything during a fire. Therefore, in addition to a good fire escape plan you should practice crawling “blindfolded”.

Two Paths From Each Room

For each room of your house, you must have two emergency exits paths as part of your fire escape plan. One of them could be the “nominal” path. That is basically walking out of the house the normal way that you leave. The other path is the more difficult contingency path. This path assumes that the nominal path is not available. Therefore, you must leave going out a window or via some other passage.

For the first floor, this is not too difficult because you simply just leave going out the window. For the second floor of your house, you must have an escape ladder available so that you could safely reach the ground. If you live in a very large apartment building, you may leave the building if you have a clear exit path. Otherwise, just stay near the opened window in your apartment until ordered by the fire department to do otherwise. Always remember that you should never use an elevator during a fire.

A Pre-Determined Destination

Finally, you should have a general meeting place for all of your loved ones. This is important so that everyone in your home is accounted for. The fire department will ask for this information so that they could use the appropriate search and rescue techniques. If you don’t already have a fire escape plan, make one and start practicing it today.