Survival Food Articles

The Fundamentals of Survival Foods

How many survival foods you should have and how you should store them.

In this day and age from Y2K to acts of terrorism we need to be prepared with survival foods. Whether the threat is imagined or real, having survival foods on hand is always a good idea. Of course you may wonder how much is enough and where will you keep it, so here are a few ideas that can help you figure this out.

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Survival Food Doesn’t Have to Be Gross

5 survival food items that taste great and are good for you.

Yes it’s true that when it comes to survival food sometimes your choices are, shall we say, less than appetizing. Let’s face it; survival food can taste pretty bad. There are however some options that will help you not only survive, but will also allow you to do it with some flavor.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Survival Foods

A comprehensive guide to survival foods and survival food practices.

If you’re thinking about emergency preparedness, you know that survival foods play a big part of the program. You need three things to survive and that’s food, water and shelter. If you’re faced with a disaster, without survival foods you chances of living through it are decreased dramatically.

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