The Migo: A Child’s Cell Phone?

Yes, They Make A Child’s Cell Phone. Get the New Migo!

A child’s cell phone, like the brand-new Migo, can be a very beneficial item for you to purchase for you little one. Staying in contact with your children is very important, especially during emergency situations, and having a child’s cell phone like the Migo can truly help in such a crisis.

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Do You Have an Emergency Cash Fund?

Why Emergency Cash is a Necessity

Having emergency cash available in the event of a disaster-related emergency is very important. We are so used to relying on plastic, including both debit and credit cards, that we never imagine the possibility of a world without them. In the event of an emergency, it is possible that we will not be able to use credit cards and we may have to rely on an emergency cash fund. Are you prepared?

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The Dangers of Flood Water

Why Walking in Flood Water is No Stroll in the Park

Walking in flood water can be very dangerous and is to be avoided at all costs. It might be tempting to walk in flood waters in order to get to a safer area, but it is a very risky proposition. Walking in flood water has many hidden dangers that most people don’t even realize.

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Tornado Safety: What Everyone Needs To Know To Stay Safe During A Tornado

Tornado Safety 101

Tornado safety is not a subject many people dig into unless they live in areas commonly affected by tornadoes. However, tornado safety is important for everyone. Although tornados may not be common in certain areas, they can pretty much develop anywhere and just because your town hasn’t seen a tornado in the past fifty years, doesn’t mean one won’t come barreling through tomorrow.

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The Importance of Emergency Lighting

How Having a Plan for Emergency Lighting Can Help You.

Emergency lighting is a very important component of staying safe in unpredictable conditions. In the event you were to experience a long power outage, emergency lighting will definitely come in handy.

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Is Your Emergency Water Safe To Drink?

Rotating Emergency Water Supplies

You know you’re supposed to have water in storage in case of an emergency. You even know exactly how much you should store. The question is – do you know how long you can store the water for without rotating it? Contrary to what many people believe, water is not a nonperishable resource. Bacteria can, and do, grow in stored water even if the water’s been treated and stored properly. If you want to make sure your emergency water is safe to drink, adhere to the following water rotation guidelines.

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A Great Security and Safety Product For Your Kids

Herbie Hydrant The Security And Home Safety Device

Every once in a while, I see a safety or emergency product that is so useful that I feel it’s my obligation to let my readers know about it. Today I ran across one of those products and instantly I knew it was something that every parent who reads this blog would want to know about.

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Are You Prepared With Disaster Recovery Software?

Disaster Recovery Software Is A Must In Today’s Day And Age

You’ve got quite a bit of information sitting there on your computer – important information that you really can’t afford to lose. What would happen if your computer were to become damaged due to a disaster? What would happen to all of the information you had on that computer if the hard drive was a completely lost cause? This is where the important of disaster recovery software comes in.

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Are Your Children Prepared For An Emergency

Emergency Preparedness For Children

You may know what to do and your partner may know what to do, but do your children know what to do in case of an emergency? If the answer is no, your kids may be in danger and you need to do something about it. There are things your kids absolutely must know about. Make sure your kids know what they should by reviewing our emergency preparedness tips for children.

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Home Safety: Is Your Home Safe?

Proper Home Safety Tips

If your home is your kingdom, you don’t want your kingdom falling down around you. The best way to keep your home safe is to practice proper home safety tips. If you’re not already practicing the tips below, it’s time to start.

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