How to Respond to a Dental Emergency

Tips for Handling a Dental Emergency

If you are faced with a dental emergency, there is some important information you should keep in mind. Treating a dental emergency requires special care and consideration and if you don’t know how to deal with it, you can cause unnecessary pain and suffering where help is desperately needed. The following tips can help you when deciding what to do or how to react in a dental emergency.

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Will You Be Able To Place an Emergency Call If You Need To?

Why You May Need a Landline and a Cell Phone to Make an Emergency Call

Dealing with an emergency can be a scary experience no matter how well prepared you are — and it can be downright terrifying if you need to place an emergency call and you aren’t able to. It’s not uncommon to need medical assistance or the services of police or fire personnel in times of disaster, and without a phone you can’t get the help you need. Want to avoid being in an emergency situation without the ability to make an emergency call to 911? Read on…

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The Importance of CPR Certification

CPR Saves Lives

Getting certified in CPR is strongly recommended for everyone, no matter who you are, but it is especially recommended for parents. Choking is the fourth-leading cause of accidental death for children under 5 years of age. This is largely because children in this age group are much more likely to put things in their mouths, such as marbles and other small objects, than children who are older. Certain foods also pose a choking hazard such as raw carrots, hot dogs, nuts, and grapes — foods which young children tend to eat a lot of. If you have young children or you are ever responsible for the care of them, you should definitely get certified in CPR.

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Syrup of Ipecac and The American Academy of Pediatrics

Should You Stock Syrup of Ipecac in Your Medicine Cabinet?

The American Academy of Pediatrics used to recommend keeping a bottle of syrup of ipecac around the house in case of accidental ingestion of poison. Parents were instructed to administer this to their child if a poison were to be accidentally ingested. However, parents who have held true to this advise might be interested in knowing that The American Academy of Pediatrics actually revised their recommendation and administering syrup of ipecac is no longer recommended.

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Do You Have Your Emergency Maps Ready?

Why You Need Emergency Maps

Preparing for an emergency is very important and can allow a greater sense of security if a disaster strikes. Unfortunately, many of us don’t think about emergencies until one actually hits us. One often-overlooked component of preparing for an emergency is determining an evacuation route and keeping emergency maps on hand that outline the different exit routes available to you.

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Have You Prepared Your Emergency Contact Information?

How to Manage Emergency Contact Information

If you have babysitters or other caregivers that come into your home, you need to make sure you have all emergency contact information posted in one convenient location. Having emergency contact information handy in the event of an emergency won’t only reduce the stress of the situation, but it can actually be lifesaving.

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Take the “Emergency” Out of Roadside Emergencies

How to Properly Prepare for Roadside Emergencies

Winter is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to prepare your car for roadside emergencies if you haven’t done so already. When the roads get icy and driving becomes hazardous, the proper preparation is the best defense in dealing with roadside emergencies.

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It’s Time to Think about Winter Preparation

Now is the Perfect Time to Begin Thinking about Winter Preparation

Winter is quickly approaching, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about winter storm preparation. Without proper winter preparation, you may find yourself stranded in a storm or holed up in your house without means for survival. Winter preparation is a must for everyone and there are certain things you can do now to make facing a winter storm bearable.

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How to Handle an Emergency Situation

Remaining Calm during an Emergency Situation

If you are faced with an emergency situation, the most important thing that you need to remember is to stay calm. It is usually easier said then done, but panicking will accomplish nothing and may cost you valuable time. If you panic, you risk complicating an already bad situation by making it even worse, so each and every emergency situation needs to be handled calmly.

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The Benefits of Generators for the Elderly

The Elderly May Need Generators More Than Those In Their Youth

Having a generator during a power outage is very beneficial. A generator can provide peace of mind and may actually be life-saving or, at the very least, facilitate an unpleasant experience such as an extended power outage. As long as proper safety considerations are followed, having a generator can be incredibly valuable during a power outage. If an emergency arises, you will be glad you took this extra step. While generators can be a great tool for people of any age, they tend to be especially valuable for the elderly.

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