Good Samaritan Laws Explained

What are Good Samaritan Laws?

What are Good Samaritan laws? You might have heard a lot about Good Samaritan laws in recent years, but you might not have a clear idea about what they are. Good Samaritan laws protect bystanders from being accused of blame when they choose to help the injured or ill. Without Good Samaritan laws in place, most bystanders will be extremely hesitant to help the distressed in case of an emergency.

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The American Red Cross Celebrated National Blood Donor Month This January

The American Red Cross and Blood Donations

You never really consider the possibility, but some day you might be dependent on the services of the American Red Cross. Through the efforts of the American Red Cross, hospitals are supplied with a much-needed product — human blood. January just happened to be National Blood Donor Month. If you didn’t donate blood then, it’s not too late.

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Portable Kits Provide Emergency Essentials

Preparing for an Emergency

Handling an emergency can be difficult. Being prepared can lessen the difficulty you encounter when you are faced with an emergency or natural disaster. There are many ways to prepare for an emergency, and there are products on the market that can help you achieve with that preparation.

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Disaster Planning for Pet Owners

Don’t Forget Your Pets in Your Disaster Planning Efforts

When many people consider disaster planning, they forget to take into account making preparations for their pets. It’s important to take your pets into consideration when you are making a disaster plan, and while there are many considerations that need to be addressed, one specific part of disaster planning involves what will happen should you become separated from your Fido or Furry.

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Fire Safety Tips You Can’t Live Without

Fire Safety Can’t Sit On The Back Burner In Your Home

Do you take fire safety seriously? Let me ask you this… Do you own a fire extinguisher? If you do, when was the last time you had it serviced? You would be surprised at how many individuals either don’t own fire extinguishers or don’t have them serviced regularly. If you want to know whether or not you’re really up to speed on fire safety, read on…

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Handling a Roadside Emergency as a Female

Products Geared Towards Females Can Prepare Them for a Roadside Emergency

Roadside emergency products have taken chic to a whole new level. There’s no doubt that there are definitely gender biases towards how effectively men and women can handle a roadside emergency. There are products on the market that specifically address these preconceptions.

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Helping Kids Learn about Emergency Situations

In Emergency Situations, You Want to Make Sure Your Kids Know How to Respond

Preparing kids for emergency situations can sometimes be a task in and of itself. Kids have that ability to innocently ask the tough questions that parents sometimes don’t feel equipped to answer. The key to helping such situations is to be prepared and also prepare your children. Fortunately, there are some great resources that help prepare kids for emergency situations.

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Kid-Friendly Products that Help You Handle an Emergency Situation

An Emergency Can Be Less Stressful with the Following Tips

Handling an emergency can be a difficult situation especially if it involves a young child. However, there are products on the market to make this task easier. When it comes to an emergency situation, every extra resource you have can be valuable in helping your child cope.

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Anaphylaxis and Your Health

What is Anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis — the word is definitely a mouthful, but it something that everyone should know about. Anaphylaxis can happen to anyone at any time, and knowing what it is and how to treat it can be important and lifesaving information.

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Three Things to Help You Handle an Emergency Situation

With an Emergency Situation, Preparation is Key

Dealing with an emergency situation on the road can be a very scary thing. When it comes to roadside emergencies, the more prepared you are the better. There are several items that you should carry in your vehicle for safety. This article will highlight three very important safety items for your car or truck. These items can make an emergency situation a little less scary.

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