Neat Ideas for Dried Emergency Foods to Keep on Hand

Do You Have Astronaut Ice Cream in Your Stockpile of Emergency Foods?

Following an emergency situation nonperishable foods are one important item to have on hand. Dried foods are a great option because they don’t require any preparation and have a very long shelf life. One particular dried food that can be used when an emergency situation arises and nonperishable foods are a must is astronaut ice cream. I know it sounds a bit space age, but astronaut ice cream, along with being a popular novelty item, also provides a unique taste and flavor above and beyond some other dried emergency foods.

Just Desserts

You can think of astronaut ice cream as a dessert food. How cool is it to have ice cream that requires no refrigeration? Cost might be a prohibitive factor for some individuals. Just one pouch of astronaut ice cream can cost about $3, but there are some positive reasons you might want to include astronaut ice cream in your supply of emergency food. If you order astronaut ice cream in bulk, your cost per package will be a bit less.

If you have kids, astronaut ice cream can be a helpful product. Following a difficult emergency situation that forces you to rely on emergency food, your children might be very upset. Astronaut ice cream can be a fun and enjoyable product for them when they are faced with having to eat foods they might find less than appetizing. Astronaut ice cream can be ordered from online retailers and is actually a pretty neat creation. It is freeze-dried and dissolves upon tasting.

On The Healthy Side

Of course, it is helpful to have a variety of dried emergency foods on hand in case of an emergency situation. Dried fruits are also a great choice for “dessert.” You can literally find many dried fruit selections: bananas, papayas, cherries, cranberries, blueberries, and apricots just to name a few. Keep a variety of dried emergency foods including astronaut ice cream, so that you can still enjoy dessert even when a disaster strikes.