Medicine Cabinet Safety Basics

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Medicine Cabinet Safety

If you have children, and even pets, then you definitely need to be concerned with medicine cabinet safety. Keeping prescription drugs and all the other potential dangers in your medicine cabinet away from your children is important to their health and wellbeing. The following tips on medicine cabinet safety will ensure that you don’t overlook any important factors.

Curiosity Didn’t Kill Just the Cat

Children can be curious creatures, which is why it is very important for you to lock up your medicine cabinet. Keep in mind that the bathroom is not always the best place to have a medicine cabinet. The changes in humidity can affect certain prescription medications, so keep that in mind when you are deciding where to place your medicine cabinet.

Under Lock and Key

Regardless of where you place your medicine cabinet, always make sure that you lock it up. A locked medicine cabinet is critical to medicine cabinet safety since it can help make ensure that a child doesn’t have access to all the potentially dangerous contents kept within it.

Don’t Be a Pack Rat

Another good rule of thumb for medicine cabinet safety is to throw away all expired medications. Don’t hang onto medicines that have reached their expiration date. The medicine cabinet is not the place to practice packrat habits.

Practice Proper Disposal

When you do throw away medications, make sure you dispose of them properly. Don’t simply place them in your kitchen garbage can where an active toddler can easily get to them. Mercury thermometers are another thing you should throw out. If you still have those old mercury thermometers, contact your health department for instructions on how to dispose of them properly. They are no longer safe to use and if you do happen to have any lying around, immediately replace them with the modern thermometers that don’t pose such a health hazard.

Following the above tips will ensure that you keep your family safe. Medicine cabinet safety is too serious of an issue to be ignored or taken lightly.