Kid-Friendly Products that Help You Handle an Emergency Situation

An Emergency Can Be Less Stressful with the Following Tips

Handling an emergency can be a difficult situation especially if it involves a young child. However, there are products on the market to make this task easier. When it comes to an emergency situation, every extra resource you have can be valuable in helping your child cope.

Have You Got A Medibag?

Medibag is one example of a kid-friendly first aid kit. It includes bandages that look like crayons. They offer a “Boo Boo” box and a small Boo Boo box that can help you handle emergencies when you’re on the go. It’s also a good idea to let your child pick the type of bandages you buy. There are a bunch of child-friendly bandages on the market, and it is beneficial to give your child ownership over the selection process which can help calm them down when they do have an injury that needs a bandage.

Play Doctor

Buying your child a toy doctor kit is also a good idea. Your child will get to pretend to be a doctor and get familiar with all of the instruments a doctor or hospitals use.

Fun and Games

The popular game Operation can be a fun way for your child to learn about surgery. Certainly the above tips are not going to be an absolute solution to a crisis situation. However, if you have to rush a family member to the hospital with your child in tow or if your child needs emergency care, you can rely on the above examples to provide your child with an age-appropriate description. For example, if your child needs surgery you can inform him or her that the doctor will be operating just like they do in the game Operation.

Having a tangible point of reference can really help to calm an anxious child. The less anxiety your child experiences, the more cooperative he or she will be. Cooperation will increase the likelihood that they are treated as promptly as possible should an emergency situation arise.