How a Car Trunk Can Present a Life-Threatening Emergency

Planning and Preparation Are the Surest Ways to Avoid an Emergency

Sometimes the best way to handle an emergency is to take steps to avoid an emergency by careful planning and preparation. One overlooked area that presents a safety concern and has the potential to create a life-endangering emergency is the trunk of your car. If you want to be prepared when disaster strikes, your trunk better be ready.

Keep It Locked

A car trunk presents a hazard and potential emergency situation for several reasons. Kids, especially young children, are extremely curious. A car trunk can look like a potential cozy hiding spot or area to “camp out” in. That is why it is extremely important that you always keep the trunk of your vehicle locked at all times. You should also keep your vehicles locked at all times. Essentially, your child should never have access to your car without you being present. There is no substitute for adequate supervision, but you should still take special precautions anyway. Keep your car keys out of reach of your children, so that they can’t gain access to your car in your temporary absence.

Teach Them Well

To avert a potential emergency, you should demonstrate to your child how to use the trunk release mechanism that your vehicle most definitely has if it was manufactured in 2002 or later. If your vehicle is older than that, you can purchase a trunk release kit. Trunk release kits are relatively inexpensive and can be lifesaving, so don’t delay. You should also talk to your children about why it is never a good idea to get in the trunk of a car. Even being locked in a vehicle presents a severe health danger on hot days, which is why it is doubly important that your children never have access to your car keys.

Check There First

If you can’t find your child, you should look in the trunk first. Children like alcoves and small spaces. They can provide a cozy place to play, and children aren’t able to comprehend the potential hazards such as suffocation. Realizing what children enjoy and how they behave can prevent a potential life-threatening emergency.