Home Safety: Is Your Home Safe?

Proper Home Safety Tips

If your home is your kingdom, you don’t want your kingdom falling down around you. The best way to keep your home safe is to practice proper home safety tips. If you’re not already practicing the tips below, it’s time to start.

Working Smoke/Fire/Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Your home should have at least one smoke/fire/carbon monoxide alarm for every floor in your home and a separate alarm for the garage. Installation of the alarms is not the end of it though. You need to replace the batteries in the alarms at least every six months.

Keep Fire Extinguishers On Hand

You are going to need a fire extinguisher on each floor of your home and in the garage. If a fire breaks out, throwing tap water on it might not be enough and if the fire department doesn’t get there quickly enough, your whole home can burn down. Keeping fire extinguishers handy will help you put out fires before they get out of control.

Keep A Window Ladder On Upper Floors

If you have a home that has two or more stories or if you live in an upper level apartment or condo, you’re going to want to have an escape ladder. Window escape ladders for second stories are really easy to find and they’re pretty inexpensive. For about $30 or $40 each, you can have an escape ladder in every room of your top floors.

Don’t Block Exits

If there’s a fire or some other type of catastrophe, you’re going to need access to all of your exits. This means keeping all exits accessible and free of debris.

Don’t Store Heavy Objects on High Shelves

If something were to shake your home, such as an earthquake, anything on the top shelves can come tumbling down. Store any heavy objects on lower shelves or on the floor.

Beds Shouldn’t Be By Windows

Windows can be hazardous during storms. If something comes crashing through your window while you’re sleeping, you don’t want your bed to be right in its path. Keep your bed away from the windows and you can sleep safely at night.