Helping Kids Learn about Emergency Situations

In Emergency Situations, You Want to Make Sure Your Kids Know How to Respond

Preparing kids for emergency situations can sometimes be a task in and of itself. Kids have that ability to innocently ask the tough questions that parents sometimes don’t feel equipped to answer. The key to helping such situations is to be prepared and also prepare your children. Fortunately, there are some great resources that help prepare kids for emergency situations.

Helpful Resources

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has wonderful material available on their website for parents to prepare their kids for emergency situations. They have resources to help parents discuss with their kids just how they will get in contact with one another during an emergency. They also give concise descriptions of terms that kids might hear during an emergency such as tornado, earthquake, fire emergencies, flooding, tsunami, hurricane, and terrorism. This resource is definitely a good place to start especially if you feel at a loss about how to teach your kids about emergency situations.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is another good resource for information to help prepare your kids for emergency situations. They have a colorful and animated website that kids will enjoy. They have many games and quizzes which can reinforce much of what your kids will learn on the website. These activities can be a fun, yet educational, way to spend a rainy day. So, I urge you to check their website out.

The school system is also a great resource for teaching kids how to handle emergency situations. Schools routinely conduct fire drills which reinforce what you should be doing at home anyway. Also, many students an annual visit from Smokey the Bear who helps spread the word about fire safety.

The above resources can help you as parents and educators to help take some of the mystery and fear out of emergency situations for children.