Handling a Roadside Emergency as a Female

Products Geared Towards Females Can Prepare Them for a Roadside Emergency

Roadside emergency products have taken chic to a whole new level. There’s no doubt that there are definitely gender biases towards how effectively men and women can handle a roadside emergency. There are products on the market that specifically address these preconceptions.

Are The Stereotypes Founded in Truth?

Whether or not the stereotype is accurate is not as important as the fact that these products can help specific consumers if they ever face a roadside emergency. Gender biases will mean very little when you are faced with a roadside emergency, so read below to find out about the specific emergency products geared towards women.

Are You A Safety Girl?

The Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit by Safety Girl contains supplies that an individual would need when faced with a serious roadside emergency. While the kit (reminiscent of a grade-school lunch box), might not contain everything you will need when faced with a roadside emergency, it can definitely be a good start in motivating a preoccupied consumer to take the topic of roadside emergencies seriously.

We All Love AAA

AAA offers a AAA Road Adventurer Emergency Kit that is completely devoid of the “frilly feeling” of the above emergency kit, but still has its place in the car of any motorist regardless of gender because a roadside emergency can happen to even the best driver and gender should never be the focus of concern.

What’s In Your Trunk?

I said “car” rather than “trunk” in the above description when telling you where to store safety supplies. Any time you are reminded to carry safety supplies with you, most experts remark about keeping your trunk well stocked. I do have one issue with this advice. The trunk is a useful storage area for important supplies, but you have to consider all possibilities.

If you are in a car accident, your trunk might be damaged on impact and you might not be able to get it opened. That is why I advise motorists to keep some supplies in their car as well. Just make sure the supplies are safely secured under your car seats. Any object, even a tissue box, can become a potential hazard when you are in a car accident and driving at even just 20 miles per hour. You definitely want to be prepared for a roadside emergency, but you don’t want those extra supplies to pose a safety issue within your vehicle.