Fire Safety Tips You Can’t Live Without

Fire Safety Can’t Sit On The Back Burner In Your Home

Do you take fire safety seriously? Let me ask you this… Do you own a fire extinguisher? If you do, when was the last time you had it serviced? You would be surprised at how many individuals either don’t own fire extinguishers or don’t have them serviced regularly. If you want to know whether or not you’re really up to speed on fire safety, read on…

Fire Safety Firsts

A fire extinguisher can be the single-most important tool you will need if you have a kitchen fire. A small kitchen fire can quickly escalate if you don’t respond immediately. Unfortunately, many people don’t take fire safety seriously and they don’t get their fire extinguishers serviced properly or even know how to use them. You should familiarize yourself with the instructions located on the side of your fire extinguisher.

It’s also important to keep your fire extinguisher in one location so you will know where to get it when you need it. Make sure all family members know where the fire extinguisher is stored and know how to use it. Your fire extinguisher should be serviced yearly to make sure it is working properly. This is a critical element in any serious fire safety plan.

What To Do Should a Fire Break Out

If you have a fire when cooking on your stove, make sure you turn off your stove immediately. You can throw baking soda on the fire, but never throw water on a grease fire. That will only fuel the fire. You can also put the lid onto your pan to kill a grease fire.

More Preventative Fire Safety Tips

Make sure that you don’t wear loose clothing when you are cooking. If you wear loose clothing, your sleeve can come in contact with the stove and catch on fire.

In order to reduce the chance of a fire in your kitchen, clean all your appliances immediately after using. Accumulated debris in your oven can be a fire source.

Make sure that you don’t store items on top of or near your microwave. This is a fire hazard.

Keep the above fire safety tips in mind for reducing the risk of a fire in your home. A fire can be a scary thing, but being prepared and having a fire extinguisher on hand can be helpful.