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Three Things to Help You Handle an Emergency Situation

With an Emergency Situation, Preparation is Key

Dealing with an emergency situation on the road can be a very scary thing. When it comes to roadside emergencies, the more prepared you are the better. There are several items that you should carry in your vehicle for safety. This article will highlight three very important safety items for your car or truck. These items can make an emergency situation a little less scary.

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Preparing for an Emergency When Flying

An Emergency Can Happen on the Ground or in the Air

If you are traveling by air this holiday season, you really should take some time to think about being prepared for an emergency. Many consumers travel via the friendly skies quite a bit, so they tend to tune out the instructions that the flight attendant gives at the beginning of the flight. However, these instructions are very important, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with them if you are unfortunate enough to experience an emergency when traveling this year.

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Driving Requires More Than Just Being Attentive

There are certain tips that you should keep in mind to make your winter driving as safe as possible. Winter driving has potential challenges that are not present during any other time of the year, and being mindful of these problems can help you get to your destination safely.

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The Importance of a Fire Escape Plan

Do You Have a Fire Escape Plan?

A family fire escape plan should be established and executed periodically. You might be thinking how difficult is fire to encounter that you would a fire escape procedure? Shouldn’t you just leave the house and get as far away from the dangerous flames as possible? Well, in all honestly, there is much more involved then meets the eye, and a fire escape plan should be a high priority for you.

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Staying Safe While Traveling Solo

Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling Alone

If you are a female, staying safe when you are out alone takes a certain amount of diligence and being observant. The following tips will help you in staying safe when you are out alone especially if you are alone at night.

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How to Respond to a Car Accident

Tips on What to Do Following a Car Accident

If you are faced with a car accident, you might be quite scared and upset. There are, however, some important tips to keep in mind if you ever experience a car accident.

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How a Car Trunk Can Present a Life-Threatening Emergency

Planning and Preparation Are the Surest Ways to Avoid an Emergency

Sometimes the best way to handle an emergency is to take steps to avoid an emergency by careful planning and preparation. One overlooked area that presents a safety concern and has the potential to create a life-endangering emergency is the trunk of your car. If you want to be prepared when disaster strikes, your trunk better be ready.

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Will You Be Able To Place an Emergency Call If You Need To?

Why You May Need a Landline and a Cell Phone to Make an Emergency Call

Dealing with an emergency can be a scary experience no matter how well prepared you are — and it can be downright terrifying if you need to place an emergency call and you aren’t able to. It’s not uncommon to need medical assistance or the services of police or fire personnel in times of disaster, and without a phone you can’t get the help you need. Want to avoid being in an emergency situation without the ability to make an emergency call to 911? Read on…

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The Importance of CPR Certification

CPR Saves Lives

Getting certified in CPR is strongly recommended for everyone, no matter who you are, but it is especially recommended for parents. Choking is the fourth-leading cause of accidental death for children under 5 years of age. This is largely because children in this age group are much more likely to put things in their mouths, such as marbles and other small objects, than children who are older. Certain foods also pose a choking hazard such as raw carrots, hot dogs, nuts, and grapes — foods which young children tend to eat a lot of. If you have young children or you are ever responsible for the care of them, you should definitely get certified in CPR.

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Do You Have Your Emergency Maps Ready?

Why You Need Emergency Maps

Preparing for an emergency is very important and can allow a greater sense of security if a disaster strikes. Unfortunately, many of us don’t think about emergencies until one actually hits us. One often-overlooked component of preparing for an emergency is determining an evacuation route and keeping emergency maps on hand that outline the different exit routes available to you.

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