Emergency Preparedness Tips Articles

Learning How to Swim Can Save Your Life in an Emergency

Learning How to Swim the Right Way

Learning how to swim is a basic survival mechanism. Even if you aren’t the type of person logging endless hours on the beach, you should learn how to swim the right way. You never know when you or your children will need to use this life-saving skill.

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What You Need to Know about Changing a Flat Tire

Have You Ever Changed a Flat Tire?

If you are traveling via car, you always need to be prepared for a flat tire. Having a spare tire in trunk is only half the battle. You must have all of the necessary equipment required to actually change your tire if needed. A flat tire can present itself at the most inopportune time, so be prepared.

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Do You Have Emergency Cash on Hand When Traveling?

Emergency Cash on the Road

How many times have you left home without any cash in your pocket? Huge mistake. It’s always a good idea to keep emergency cash on you when you’re traveling. You might think that having credit cards would be enough if you encounter a problem while on vacation or driving in a rural area. However, you have to assume that credit cards might not always work. If that happens, what will you do? That’s where emergency cash can come in handy.

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Winter Driving Conditions during Snowy Weather

What Do You Know about Winter Driving Conditions?

For winter driving conditions, there are obviously plenty of things to consider. Beside the conditions of the roadways, there are other things to keep in mind when driving in snowy conditions. Winter driving conditions present certain season challenges.

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Neat Ideas for Dried Emergency Foods to Keep on Hand

Do You Have Astronaut Ice Cream in Your Stockpile of Emergency Foods?

Following an emergency situation nonperishable foods are one important item to have on hand. Dried foods are a great option because they don’t require any preparation and have a very long shelf life. One particular dried food that can be used when an emergency situation arises and nonperishable foods are a must is astronaut ice cream. I know it sounds a bit space age, but astronaut ice cream, along with being a popular novelty item, also provides a unique taste and flavor above and beyond some other dried emergency foods.

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Reducing Your Risk of an Emergency Situation during the Winter Months

How You Heat Your Home Can Present a Dangerous Emergency

Carbon monoxide and fires are two of the biggest emergency concerns for homeowners particularly during the winter months. Many parts of the nation have been experiencing extremely cold temperatures recently. When the weather gets this cold, it is very important to follow some important tips to avoid an emergency situation such as a house fire or high levels of carbon monoxide in your home.

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Good Samaritan Laws Explained

What are Good Samaritan Laws?

What are Good Samaritan laws? You might have heard a lot about Good Samaritan laws in recent years, but you might not have a clear idea about what they are. Good Samaritan laws protect bystanders from being accused of blame when they choose to help the injured or ill. Without Good Samaritan laws in place, most bystanders will be extremely hesitant to help the distressed in case of an emergency.

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Handling a Roadside Emergency as a Female

Products Geared Towards Females Can Prepare Them for a Roadside Emergency

Roadside emergency products have taken chic to a whole new level. There’s no doubt that there are definitely gender biases towards how effectively men and women can handle a roadside emergency. There are products on the market that specifically address these preconceptions.

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Helping Kids Learn about Emergency Situations

In Emergency Situations, You Want to Make Sure Your Kids Know How to Respond

Preparing kids for emergency situations can sometimes be a task in and of itself. Kids have that ability to innocently ask the tough questions that parents sometimes don’t feel equipped to answer. The key to helping such situations is to be prepared and also prepare your children. Fortunately, there are some great resources that help prepare kids for emergency situations.

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Kid-Friendly Products that Help You Handle an Emergency Situation

An Emergency Can Be Less Stressful with the Following Tips

Handling an emergency can be a difficult situation especially if it involves a young child. However, there are products on the market to make this task easier. When it comes to an emergency situation, every extra resource you have can be valuable in helping your child cope.

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