Do You Have Emergency Cash on Hand When Traveling?

Emergency Cash on the Road

How many times have you left home without any cash in your pocket? Huge mistake. It’s always a good idea to keep emergency cash on you when you’re traveling. You might think that having credit cards would be enough if you encounter a problem while on vacation or driving in a rural area. However, you have to assume that credit cards might not always work. If that happens, what will you do? That’s where emergency cash can come in handy.

A Separate Fund Entirely

Some people do carry some extra cash in their wallets or purses, but it’s not a true emergency cash fund. They might rely on that money for snacks or other discretionary purchases when traveling. It’s a good idea to keep a reserve of emergency cash on you when you’re traveling. There are a seemingly endless amount of possibilities that might present themselves when you’re away from home. You might get lost in an unfamiliar area and use up more gas than you intended to. If you do find a gas station, they quite possibly might not accept credit cards. (Yes, there are some gas stations left that don’t take them.)

Replenishment Is Key

If for some reason you mistake your late-night cravings for a real emergency and deplete your store of emergency cash by stopping at the fast food counter, make sure you replace the money. Keep emergency cash with you when traveling even if it just consists of several rolls of quarters. It’s a good idea to keep no less than $30 to $100 with you, but you might want to keep more emergency cash on hand, for example, if you have a larger vehicle that doesn’t get very good mileage.

A good way to make sure your emergency cash is available when you really need it is to use your credit or debit cards when traveling any time it is possible to do so. That way you will be more likely to have your emergency cash fund for when you really need it.